Atlas Material Testing Technology Announces Redesign of its SUNTEST® CPS+

Linsengericht, September 2012 – Atlas Material Testing Technology, the global leader in weathering technology and services, has updated the design features of its SUNTEST CPS+, one of the most widely used test instruments for accelerated material testing. 

The new SUNTEST CPS+ is a practical, reliable and economical entry-level model of the SUNTEST Series of instruments, particularly useful for the aging of smaller specimens. Typical applications include light and weatherfastness testing of plastics, coatings, colors, and inks, as well as the testing of cosmetics and pharmaceutical drug products.

With its improved functionality and ease of operation, this new 4th generation model provides technically advanced features, which include:

Improved Quality of Light for Better Performance - Controlling the UV output of a xenon test chamber is regarded as critical, as UV radiation typically plays a significant role in polymer degradation. Areas of UV fading are now eliminated and repeatability is significantly improved with Atlas’ improved light technology

Ease-of-Use - The new SUNTEST CPS+ offers error-free operation with a larger 4-line display panel providing easier viewing  for the operator, 8 user interface languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Polish, and Russian) allowing users to control the unit in their native language, and two pre-programmed test methods convenient for those new to the use of xenon equipment for material testing 

The following accessories also are available:

Five interchangeable optical filters that simulate all relevant light conditions: outdoor daylight, indoor daylight, artificial supermarket light, ID65 (ICH) and Solar Standard

An immersion unit for the simulation of extremely wet, marine, or acidic environments

A SunCool chiller and water-cooled specimen table for specimen cooling

A SunTray sample exchanger for safe COLIPA in-vitro testing

SunCal calibration sensors for easy, do-it-yourself calibration routines of light and temperature (BST)

For further information about Atlas products and services, visit Atlas at www.atlas-mts.comor contact Atlas directly at

About Atlas®

Atlas is a recognized leader in material testing, offering a complete line of instruments and services for accelerated and natural weathering. In addition, the Atlas Consulting Group helps clients from various industries, including photovoltaics, coatings, plastics, textiles, automotive and cosmetics develop the best weathering processes for their products.

In November 2010, Atlas joined AMETEK, Inc., a global leader in electronic instruments and electromechanical devices, as a unit of AMETEK Measurement & Calibration Technologies (M&CT). AMETEK M&CT is a division within AMETEK's Electronic Instruments Group (EIG), a recognized leader in advanced monitoring, testing, calibrating and display instruments. 

Atlas Material Testing Technology is ISO 17025 and ISO 9001:2008 registered. Atlas products are designed and manufactured to conform to international, national and industry standard test methods including ISO, ASTM, DIN, JIS and numerous others.